The Atlantis Foundation Trilogy  is the story of an attempt to re-balance our planet, Earth. Aliens  visited us millennia ago (while the earth was still developing) and  placed a series of machines around the globe to "settle" the planet.  Each set of machines were placed to support the elemental  superstructures. Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Now the aliens are gone and  the machines are beginning to break down. A foundation that has existed  for thousands of years to watch over our planet, now needs to find  someone to help. Discovering direct descendants of the founding fathers  took years but are now invited to become members and hopefully assist in  finding and fixing the broken machines. 

The Trilogy

Book 1: The Foundation


Earthquakes,  Volcano eruptions, rising sea levels, El-Nino are being blamed on  global warming, human population increase, and natural phenomenon. The  planet appears to be on a direct road to self- destruction. But, what if  there was more to it than what it appears. Scientists have long  wondered why “natural phenomenon” happens. Why does one ocean relocate  to another spot on the planet? Why does an earthquake effect one fault  line but not the one next to it less than fifty miles away?

What if we have been living on a planet that has been controlled and protected for millennia?

The  Atlantis Foundation is a group of Individuals that have watched over us  for thousands of years. They have also been watching the machines that  were placed by their forefathers, in secret, all around the world, to  help stabilize the planet for us to live on.

Now the machines are  breaking down, but the foundation members are too old to learn how to  fix them. The answer is to find those that can be trained and ask for  help. One tiny problem is that the initiate must be a direct descendent  of one of the forefathers, because the learning process and the machines  are keyed to DNA. Each set of machines are keyed to an element; Earth,  Air, Fire, Water. Each team will be trained for that element and travel  to exotic locations to repair what they find.

Book 2: ARC


 We  re-join our foundation teams as they are caught up in the struggle  between conflicting goals. The teams have discovered their secret  element control centers and have begun the work to locate and repair the  machines stabilizing our planet. The teams must now deal with new,  unknown foundations that wish to control the stabilizing repair  outcome.ARC (Atlantis Reparation Council) has been in control since the  last coup, thirty years ago, and has hidden its true goals from  everyone. Now, it’s time for the AFC (Atlantis Foundations Council) to  re-take control and save the world. Loyalties change, lost families are  reunited, friends are lost. All in the name of survival. Primarily, it’s  our planet’s survival. <picture in ring: ARC on a crest> 

Book 3: An Unexpected Outcome


 It  has begun. Foundation councils against foundation councils. With our  teams caught square in the middle. A new foundation fragment has  surfaced now that they see that the original foundation control is  question. The ASPC (Atlantians for a Stabilized Planet Council) is  counting on picking up the pieces left by the conflict of the large  councils. The world population is at stake. There will need to be  sacrifices. The question is who will be affected, and when will it  happen. All while, the teams are still working to put the NETWORK back  together before it’s too late. New discoveries by the teams may just  sway the outcome. But for which side? <picture in ring: three laser  guns pointed a the center>